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Do you need homicide cleanup services in Coral Springs, Florida? When a homicide occurs, it is very important for police to obtain evidence for their case. But once this is done, the scene must then be cleaned. Whether the homicide involved gunshots, stabbings, or other situations, there will likely be blood, bodily fluids, tissue, and other materials and substances that will need to be disposed of to make the area safe and habitable. Due to the potential health consequences associated with these scenes, it is best to call on our cleaning experts.

Family-Owned and Operated Homicide Cleanup in Coral Springs

We are a family-owned homicide and death cleanup service in existence since 2004, we provide highly-trained and experienced professional cleaners who use the latest state-of-the-art cleaning techniques that are in full compliance with EPA and OSHA regulations. Using special chemicals and cleaning techniques, our workers will complete their tasks wearing hazmat suits and will dispose of any items that are unable to be salvaged. In many of these situations, ordinary people make the mistake of thinking furniture, mattresses, carpeting, and other items are clean, when in fact blood and other bodily fluids have likely leaked far down into the item. When this happens, bacteria and other viruses can breed, creating a potentially dangerous biohazard situation.

Along with using the latest cleaning techniques at these scenes, our crime scene cleaning specialists will also arrive at the scene as discreetly as possible. Always attempting to respect those family members and friends who may be at the scene, we make sure to not reveal any information to onlookers or media. Along with this, we will use unmarked vehicles if possible, which helps in drawing little if any attention from those nearby.

Compassionate, Discreet, and Affordable Homicide Cleanup in Coral Springs

Offering 24/7 service, this includes weekends and holidays, we can be counted on to provide crime scene cleanup whenever and wherever it is needed. And unlike many services who simply rush through the job and then leave, our workers will stay on-scene until they and our clients are satisfied the area is adequately cleaned and safe to enter. To ensure this is the case, our technicians will test the air quality several times, making sure it meets EPA and OSHA requirements.

Rather than leave the grim task of a crime scene cleanup to family members, friends, or cleaning crews who are simply not trained to handle the many complex tasks associated with cleaning the scene of a homicide, put your trust in us. With well over a decade of experience in handling small and large homicide scenes, we are also able to work with a client’s insurance company to ensure as little out-of-pocket cost as possible. As a result, we provide peace of mind during what is often a difficult time for many individuals.

Homicide Cleanup Coral Springs

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