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Here at Homicide Cleanup Of Dallas, we have the necessary remediation certifications to ensure that your property is restored, as well as the safe removal and disposal of dangerous biohazardous waste. From incidents of unattended deaths to deeply traumatic incidents of suicide and homicide, our homicide cleanup team is available 24/7 for all scenes in order to deliver high-quality service at all times. We ensure that all jobs are carried out with discretion, allowing us to perform our services efficiently and effectively in Dallas, Texas. Our commitment to providing each job with the same level of care has helped us secure our position as the most reliable in the DFW area.

Most homicides and suicides will result in some sort of body fluid spill. Homicide Cleanup is experienced in trauma scene cleaning and will ensure full removal of all blood and other infectious bodily fluids from any accident or violent crime scene. Homicide Cleanup has worked with the police, social services, funeral homes, and property owners for emergencies to ensure body spillages are cleaned up quickly any time of day or night. Homicide Cleanup is experienced when it comes to crime and suicide scene cleaning and will ensure every location is cleaned to the industry’s highest standards.

Crime scene cleanup is a specialist task that should not be entrusted to a regular cleaning service. Instead, it requires the services of an experienced bioremediation company that has the equipment needed to clean up various homicide and suicide scenes. From unattended deaths to murder scenes, we are always prepared to deal with any emergency you may have day or night. Not only is special care required during the remediation process itself, but also in regards to disposing of the medical waste left behind from a crime or trauma scene. This is a much more complex task than it may initially seem. You cannot put medical waste into a regular bin.


Homicide Cleanup Dallas